TRX Qualifications

STC: TRX® Suspension Training® Course

Introductory 8-hour course teaches the fundamentals of Suspension Training and how to incorporate them into your personal training practice.

ForceLevel2: TRX FORCE® Trainer Course

This eight-hour course gives attendees the knowledge and skills to lead unit PT using the TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program and the TRX Suspension Trainer.

SGT: TRX TEAM® Blocks Course

This Level 2 courses teaches participants to effectively lead TRX TEAM Blocks small group training workouts.

MTC: TRX Multimodality Training Course

This course teaches circuit-based small group workouts with TRX and additional modalities with this innovative, functional movement-based Level 2 course.

Summit: TRX Trainer Summit

This 2-day event focuses on building on TRX knowledge to increase training and coaching skills.

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